The Office Game shows you how to effectively maneuver through Corporate America and how to build, protect, and grow your personal brand throughout your career—all with a 21st century touch.

The Office Game dives into a variety of areas to give you a fundamental understanding of the unwritten rules that people don’t tell you about Corporate America. Whether you’re in the midst of corporate chaos already or are simply brand new, today marks the day you don’t have to figure out these rules through unnecessary experiences alone. This book walks you through scenarios and provides you solutions so that you’re prepared ahead of time, which sets you up for success. This book will debunk myths and educate you on best practices.

Here's a few book reviews from Amazon:

Review #1: A winning game plan!  

"This book is well written and an easy read. The author provides a winning game plan for mastering office politics and climbing the corporate ladder. I loved the game tips at the end of each chapter and the 10 Office Game Commandments. I think that the gems offered in this book are practical and invaluable.  I would highly recommend this book to anyone who is looking to achieve success in their career."

    -Derrich Phillips

Review #2: Must read! 


"This is a must-have for every college graduate! I am buying several for recent college grads that I know. This will give them a competitive edge when dealing with the corporate arena. Just hate that this information was not available when I applied for my first job."

               -Dr. Stefanie Thomas

Review #3: Excellent resource!

"Excellent guidance for professionals at all stages of their careers - especially those entering the workforce or switching to a new department/team or company. Captivating and entertaining yet substantive and value-add. Highly recommend!"


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